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Rules of Procedure  


The Internal Regulation of the property, from now on indicated as Casa de Luna y Sol, is mandatory, and at the time of booking the client accepts it as a contract of adhesion to it, regardless of the reservation conditions, cancellation policies and rules of use prevailing at the time of booking.


  1. The use of the establishment is exclusive to customers with prior check in and reservation made through payment.

  2. Access to the establishment is only allowed, in addition to the persons indicated in point 1 of this regulation, to persons authorized by Casa de Luna y Sol. Which will not be considered as lodged clients and whose stay in the accommodation will be limited to those previously agreed with Casa de Luna y Sol for the task of work, performance or any other condition that may have their occasional entry into the establishment. Not allowing the use or enjoyment of any of the services offered by Casa de Luna y Sol.

  3. The access of the security or emergency forces will be made only for the reasons strictly related to their mission.

  4. At Casa de Luna y Sol there is no discrimination based on any condition of race, sex, religion or sexual condition. Therefore, all guests and people who access the establishment are obliged to respect this premise, which, in addition, in the Spanish state is protected by the laws and the constitution.

  5. Finally, guests are obliged to comply with the conditions accepted at the time of booking. They can be consulted by clicking here.

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