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Anillo de bombillas

Frequent questions

1. How to access the building and the room?

To access the establishment you will receive an email with the codes that you must enter on the keyboards in the form in which the email is indicated.  Remember that the entrance door is automatic and you MUST NOT force it, since it opens and closes by itself.

2. Where to park?

You have several options. 

Just 30 meters from the establishment you have a free municipal parking. Remember that it closes at 24.00 and reopens at 7.00 the next day. Also 3 minutes away from the establishment you have another car park with the same conditions in Plaza de Santa Clara.

You also have paid parking at the beginning of Calle Santo Domingo and in Plaza de Andalucía.

Remember that driving a vehicle through the center of a city like Úbeda has difficulties. Think about the best options, especially if your vehicle is large.

3. How to use the air conditioning or heating?

In the customer guide that we will send you when you make your reservation you will have a detail of how to use these facilities.

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