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Hostal Casa de Luna y Sol


Sometimes we find things on our travels that we would never want to part with. If that happens to you at Casa de Luna y Sol we give you the perfect solution, you can buy almost all the furniture and decorative objects that you see in our accommodation.

And we send them to you by courier anywhere in the world.

At Casa de Luna y Sol you will find some furniture and objects designed for us, so you can be sure that in many cases you will get a truly exclusive piece.

In the catalog you will have the prices of all those that are for sale, and the availability of being able to buy them new or used.

Delivery times will always depend on the capacity we have to supply them and the transport companies.

But don't worry, because we would leave everything perfectly resolved with a prior contract.

You just have to make up your mind and talk to us. 

We are a Boutique Hotel.

Luna y Sol, 1 

Úbeda 23400 (Jaén) España 

0034 608712020

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