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Although we will see little of each other during your stay, we want you to know us first-hand.

We are a Sevillian couple that back in 2003, when we were still young and this city was waking up to its new reality of belonging to the select group of World Heritage sites, we decided to invest all our money, effort and enthusiasm in creating a welcoming space in the one that travelers will find the perfect place to rest, and make them feel, as far as possible, at home.

For this we had limited resources and a lot of distance between our daily life and the place with which we felt united for life since that distant day when we met Úbeda.

We are and will be inveterate travelers who like to enjoy the human pleasure of travel. For many years and long stays in places other than our country, we met very different people, cultures, ways of thinking, living and traveling.

That learning is what we have tried to transfer to our beloved Casa de Luna y Sol.

A space that wants to be warm, comfortable, contemporary and simple.

During these years we have gone through many difficulties and setbacks. Even for the greatest of all challenges that humanity in the 21st century has ever encountered.

With the hope that he never left us and the incalculable help of family and friends, we have overcome everything, and we hope that when you visit us you can breathe part of that spirit in every corner of this house.

Be welcome.


Here we leave the list of professionals, artisans, artists and companies that have participated in the creation of Casa de Luna y Sol and to whom we will always be very grateful for the work carried out:

Architect: Fernando Jiménez Parras .

Architect collaborators: Ana Escuderos (architect)

Technical architects: Gipia Estudio y Obras SL

Corporate Image: Pilar Martín-Loeches.

Photography: Tony Meres, Pilar Martín-Loeches, Guillermo Plaza.

Collaborating artisans: Alfar Alfonso Góngora (Ceramics), Juan Manuel Molina Baena (Wood Crafts), Alfar Pablo Tito (Ceramics), Alameda Ceramics (Ceramics), Yoartceramics (Ceramics). Jatafarta (Leather Goods).

Collaborating artists: Leila Amat (Photographer), Crissial (Photographer),  Silvia Lermo (Painter), Néstor Muñóz Jiménez (Painter), Guillermo Plaza Jiménez (Sculptor).

Luna y Sol, 1 

Úbeda 23400 (Jaén) España 

0034 608712020

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